Convert Standard to Fibre IRS



We can upgrade existing IRS and make it future proofed.


Lately we have lots of requests to improve existing IRS's. Most of the times when we survey the existing system, we discover poor connectivity between satellite dishes and distribution points, especially, when the distances are more than 50m. Some satellite installers like using line-amps to supply stronger signal to the Head-End’s, but we don’t believe that is right. Since BT sports channels become very important, because of the football matches and champion league, loads of customers with old IRS's started to discover more and more issues. We found out that the transported of BT Sports is half the strength of the transporters where are the most common channels. Therefore, we suggest implementing of Fiber IRS, partly.

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Project- Heavy Duty Magnetic Locks

Recently we have been asked to supply and install heavy duty magnetic locks on behalf of our partner company ASL

Client :

Details of the project:
Existing Locking system on two heavy doors were failing. We have been ask to provide solution.
Heavy Duty Magnetic Locks to withstand huge force.
How we done it:
First- de-install the existing locking mechanism
Second- measure and prepare area of the door frame for installing magnetic door
Third- re-route the power cable and install the magnet
Fourth - Install metal plate
Fifth - adjust the magnet and connect to access control electronics.

New Standards CCTV technologies in HD

New Standards CCTV technologies in HD

● Magic DVRs Support Analog/HD TVI/IP cameras

● Analog HD high video quality 720P/1080P resolution

● Transmit video and audio signal, and data signal over coaxial cable

● No quality loss and delay for HD video transmission

● Impressive long distance transmission capability up to 500M

● Easy to upgrade your existing analog system to HD system

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Cable Management - roof application

Cable Management Project.

We had request to supply and install roof cable management system for existing IRS system installed by others. The idea of the project is be installed cable management system, which will protect roof surface from coaxial cabling. In hot summer days, the cables lied directly onto the roof surface can deformate the asphalt and create wholes and marking which destroy the insulation.
First Stage of the project:
First we had to uplift to the 9th floor the 120m length of the trays nearly 40 pcs by 3m, including pyramids and all bolts and nuts. All had to be positioned in the right order.

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Satellite TV Guide

Satellite TV Guide

There are more than 60 satellites available from Europe. Each satellite has one or more transponders; every transponder transmits towards particular area of the Earth. Therefore, to be able to pick up signal from satellite which covers your area you normally need small size satellite antenna. As further you are from the satellite beam spot as larger satellite antenna you going to need to gain strong enough signal.
Most of the satellite services now days are Digital, but there are still some satellites transmitting analogue signals. Furthermore, some satellite providers are already transmitting 4K services.

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Scaffolding services

Our team has been working closely with major contractors on new build and refurbishment projects to allow bespoke service for the builders and smooth with minimum interruption tv, telephone and internet services to all living in customers.

We operate same day response, which service is greatly appreciated by site managers. Whether, the job requires simple antenna move, multiple satellite dish relocation or move and repair.

We will do all needed to free the area of work on the building where the existing , satellite dishes , tv aerials and wires, obstructing the ongoing building work or when the work is finished and wires need to be arranged in a nice line tide and secure.

Satellite Shops

Gsatv Ltd has been well established in the satellite installation business for commercial and domestic clients around London.

We have installed thousands of satellite systems, starting from the most basic satellite domestic system receiving Sky Digital at Astra 2 (28E) to complicated multi Satellite system servicing leading TV stations. Our deep knowledge allows as being Frontend Company, fully capable of tendering large scale Fibre Optic IRS systems. We also have been working with number of Estate Agents to support their management business, and provide quick and efficient respond for any issues related to TV/Satellite problem.

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No Signal

What to do when you see this message on your screen:

"No Signal "

First, we have to infentify the source of the problem. How to do that?

  • Are you watching sky? Y/N
  • Are you watching Freeview? Y/N
  • Are you watching Freesat? Y/N
  • Are you watching BT ? Y/N
  • Are yo Watching Virgin? Y/N

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Freeview Channels update

The Freeview TV guide has been updated on Wednesday, 3 September 2014 to create extra capacity for new services. As a result, Children’s and News channels have moved to new channel numbers.
• The Children’s genre moved from channel numbers in the 70s to start at 120
• The News genre will moved channel numbers in the 80s to start at 130

Telephone Support

Technical Support Line - 09131 200 052

( £2 per minute apply on all phone calls)

Any questions in relation with :

1. TV 

2. Wifi (connectivity issues)  

3. Satellite( Sky Q, Freesat)

4. Door Entry


6. Audio