What to do when you see this message on your screen:

"No Signal "

First, we have to infentify the source of the problem. How to do that?

  • Are you watching sky? Y/N
  • Are you watching Freeview? Y/N
  • Are you watching Freesat? Y/N
  • Are you watching BT ? Y/N
  • Are yo Watching Virgin? Y/N

1) Sky users


step 1 : make sure your TV is set up on the correct HDMI source ,You can select the source by pressing INPUT button , as on the picture below. Some TV's has same button but named Source instead.


step 2 : if you can see sky menu  and "no signal has been received" , swap wires on sat 1 and sat 2 ( if you see picture, then the wire on input 2 is not working - give us a call!)

step 3 : you can try to reset the box- unplug the box from the main , wait for a minute and connect it back. It is always advisable to check the status of both inputs.

step 4 : try to locate any visual damage to the wires, socket and dish

step 5: If you see message " Wrong Card" ,  try to reinsert the cart , or make sure that is the correct card for the box. YOU can call sky and they will let you know which box is the right one for this card.

Step 5: call us

2) Freeview\ TV Aerial

step 1: make sure TV aerial wire is connected on "Antena IN"

step 2: if you using freeview box , make sure that the antena wire is connected directly to the box , and the scart / hdmi connected between the box and the TV

step 3: make sure that the wire is not disxonnected from the wall socket

step 4: reset the box if you using one

step 5: Call us

3) BT users

Bt boxes are hybrid boxes , so you have to have the box connected to the TV Aerial and to the internet in tearms of watching all services.

step 1: make sure that tv aerial is connected to the antena in of the BT box

step 2: make sure that scart /hdmi wire is connected between the bt box and the TV, and locate the correct input on you TV , by pressing Source button

step 3: reset the box

step 4: Call US


Telephone Support

Technical Support Line - 09131 200 052

( £2 per minute apply on all phone calls)

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