Gsatv Ltd has been well established in the satellite installation business for commercial and domestic clients around London.

We have installed thousands of satellite systems, starting from the most basic satellite domestic system receiving Sky Digital at Astra 2 (28E) to complicated multi Satellite system servicing leading TV stations. Our deep knowledge allows as being Frontend Company, fully capable of tendering large scale Fibre Optic IRS systems. We also have been working with number of Estate Agents to support their management business, and provide quick and efficient respond for any issues related to TV/Satellite problem.


Zone One dish is the most popular and maybe all of you have seen these dishes hanging at the buildings around the UK.


These are the dishes used by Sky digital to receive their strong satellite signal covering UK.


Larger Satelite dish

These dishes can be normally use for weaker satellite signals from satellites as below:
Hotbird(13E); Astra 1(19E); Hispasat (30W); Turksat(42E); Hellasat(39E)
We can provide Satellite systems for all FREE channels from All over the World.
Some of the most popular satellite foreign providers are:
Sky Italy( Hotbird 13E) - London area recommended dish size: 60-80cm
Sky Germany( Astra 1 - 19E) London area recommended dish size:60-80cm
TV Cabo (Hispasat - 30W) London area recommended dish size: 60-80cm
Bulsatcom ( Hellasat- 39E) London area recommended dish size: 80cm
DigiTurk( Turksat - 42E) London area recommended dish size:80cm
We supply and install
1.    Satellite receivers: Technomate; DreamBox; Manhattan; Pace; Humax and more.
2.    LNB’s : Universal – Single;Twin;Quad;Octo
3.    LNB’s: Quatro
4.    LNB: Fibre Optic
5.    Satellite Dishes: Zone 1,2; 65cm -1m mesh and solid; 1.5-2.4m Solid
6.    Diseqc motor
7.    Diseqc switches – for more than one satellite without motor via single wire
Weather you would like to watch UK tv, or foreign TV , we can provide you with complete set.
Our team is dedicated to respond as quickly as possible to all requests.


Telephone Support

Technical Support Line - 09131 200 052

( £2 per minute apply on all phone calls)

Any questions in relation with :

1. TV 

2. Wifi (connectivity issues)  

3. Satellite( Sky Q, Freesat)

4. Door Entry


6. Audio