Satellite TV Guide

There are more than 60 satellites available from Europe. Each satellite has one or more transponders; every transponder transmits towards particular area of the Earth. Therefore, to be able to pick up signal from satellite which covers your area you normally need small size satellite antenna. As further you are from the satellite beam spot as larger satellite antenna you going to need to gain strong enough signal.
Most of the satellite services now days are Digital, but there are still some satellites transmitting analogue signals. Furthermore, some satellite providers are already transmitting 4K services.

Some of the most popular satellites available from London are:
Astra II (28E) - UK satellite channels
Astra I (19.2E) - German, French, Spanish
Hotbird (13E)- Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Middle East, Polish
Eutelsat 16A (16E)- Kosovo, Serbia, Turkish
Turksat 2A,3A,4A (42E)- Turkish
Hellas Sat (39E)- Bulgarian , Greek
Badr4,5,6 (26E)- Arabic
Thor (0.8W)- Swedish, Norwegian
Nilesat101,102 (7.3W)- Arabic
Hispasat 1D,1E(30W) - Portuguese , Spanish

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