Cable Management Project.

We had request to supply and install roof cable management system for existing IRS system installed by others. The idea of the project is be installed cable management system, which will protect roof surface from coaxial cabling. In hot summer days, the cables lied directly onto the roof surface can deformate the asphalt and create wholes and marking which destroy the insulation.
First Stage of the project:
First we had to uplift to the 9th floor the 120m length of the trays nearly 40 pcs by 3m, including pyramids and all bolts and nuts. All had to be positioned in the right order.

Stage two of the Project:
All trays once positioned must have their support pyramids. All pyramid are attached to the trays by bolts and bolt and nuts are used to join together trays.


Stage three:
All cables have to be moved into the trays and tied with cable tides.

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