New Standards CCTV technologies in HD

● Magic DVRs Support Analog/HD TVI/IP cameras

● Analog HD high video quality 720P/1080P resolution

● Transmit video and audio signal, and data signal over coaxial cable

● No quality loss and delay for HD video transmission

● Impressive long distance transmission capability up to 500M

● Easy to upgrade your existing analog system to HD system


What is HD-TVI?

HD-TVI means High Definition Transport Video Interface, It is a DSP-TVI technology developed by Techpoint(2012), and the Chipset was sold to Intersil , Chinese manufacture, such as Hikvision, HanBang, put this technology into their new product.

Hanbang successfully developed the TVI solution, solved HD-SDI's previous problems. TVI can convert the digital signals to analog ones, it extends the transmission distance, reduces the total cost, and takes less storage capacity, HD-TVI is also based on coaxial cable, support HD video signal (1080P/720P), Audio signal, digital signal transmission.



TVI comes from a US-based company that does not supply to only one manufacture, the chipset is open, not sealed, you can DIY your HD-TVI system with different brand. while HD-CVI, no matter camera or DVR, should be bought from original company or authorized company.
Customers like to match their DVR&Camera with different brand, because wide choice may mean more cost saving.
And the TVI price is close to 960H, people will like this kind of product.



So in conclusion, the advantage of HD-TVI compared with HD-SDI is
● Longer transmission distance(without boost)
● Affordable Price
● Better Anti-interference and Reliability







HD-TVI vs IP Cam

So compared with IPC, the advantage of HD-TVI is
● No compression, so no video quality loss.
● Real-time video display, without any transmission signal delay.
● Low requirement for network bandwidth.



Obviously, HD-TVI and HD-CVI have very similar features, both of them can provide analog high definition solutions. HD-TVI derives from American based company that does not supply to only one manufacturer. Therefore we are expecting many analog camera manufacturers will release wide range of HD-TVI based cameras to market. Therefore, HD-TVI is more likely to become an industry standard, not a proprietary technology/solution.

HD-TVI vs Analog

In summary, the advantage of HD-TVI compared with Analogue is:

● HD resolution on 720P/1080P at 25/30fps
● Long distance transmission for HD video
● No video quality loss and delay for transmission





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