We can upgrade existing IRS and make it future proofed.


Lately we have lots of requests to improve existing IRS's. Most of the times when we survey the existing system, we discover poor connectivity between satellite dishes and distribution points, especially, when the distances are more than 50m. Some satellite installers like using line-amps to supply stronger signal to the Head-End’s, but we don’t believe that is right. Since BT sports channels become very important, because of the football matches and champion league, loads of customers with old IRS's started to discover more and more issues. We found out that the transported of BT Sports is half the strength of the transporters where are the most common channels. Therefore, we suggest implementing of Fiber IRS, partly.

The Principles of FibreIRS

1. IRS signals collected in traditional place at head-end from antenna array.
2. Signal distributed via single fiber cable from head-end.
3. Termination unit at the end of the system converting signals into consumer unit or traditional coax switch for on-going distribution.

Why choose FibreIRS?(installer)
Traditional IRS installations over coax are limited by signal loss, the physical dimensions of the cable and the associated distribution equipment required.
Traditional IRS requires single coaxial cable per satellite tuner (or polarity)
Earth Bonding not a requirement
No interference issues from:
- Main supply or other building services
-RF interference
- no water ingression
-Greatly reduced visual impact
Why choose FiberIRS?(client)
-Fewer points of failure
- Less cabling/distribution equipment
- Lower power requirement
- Future proof - ideal for phased developments
- Cost- effective distribution of IRS services to potentially thousands of homes
- Compatible with all current & legacy STB's
- Association with Fibre to the home
- Ideal for both new build and retro fit


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