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Coaxial and Fibre  system
Coaxial IRS are normally used for small block of flats or building up to 20 flats. Larger buildings or number of properties located withn close area are reccomended to use cost effective option as Fibre Optic IRS solution.

An Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) collects the broadcast signals from digital terrestrial and satellite transmitters, as well as FM radio and the new Digital Audio Broadcasts (DAB). All of these signals are then distributed to a new 4 socket wall outlet plate in each flat, which is screened from electrical interference and which delivers all available TV channels, digital terrestrial and digital satellite to the resident.

Installing IRS means that the resident is free to decide to either connect their existing TV equipment to the system to pick up the existing free-to-air digital signals, or to take up digital satellite television, now or in the future. This solution means that the landlord installing IRS does not have to favour any one particular supplier of TV programming. The choice is left to the resident.

Gsatv are at the forefront of the digital revolution and are able to advise our customers through an in depth consultancy process about the imminent in current or future projects. The vast choice of differing services and options that the digital transition creates are all covered through the collective expertise of the Gsatv team, these include:

 1. System network and infrastructure design

 2. Coaxial delivery for hotel and hospital systems

 3. Digital and FM radio services delivered to multiple TV locations

 4. DTT, FM, Satellite and DAB

Our Customers - IRS technology benefits a number of potential customers. Whether you are a private landlord a commercial builder, a local authority, architects and consultants or perhaps a housing association Gsatv have the competence and expertise to deliver on all of your IRS requirements.


Gsatv Ltd has vast experience in providing closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems for businesses across London.
With commercial CCTV:
-    reduce crime and secure your property
-    creating a safe place for all staff and visitors on-site
This is where surveillance can be particularly vital; traditional crime is one thing but CCTV can be a huge help for businesses in situations regarding injuries at work as well as discrimination claims and any other disputes which can be quickly and effectively concluded with the use of CCTV.
We’ve installed hundreds of systems in a wide range of commercial properties, from small retail shops to schools, hospitals and town centres. If you’re concerned about regulations regarding CCTV and commercial premises, you needn’t be. But there are certain regulations to adhere to, which we can explain in full detail. The key points are that you must:
•    Put up a sign to let people know CCTV is being used and why
•    be able to provide images within 40 days to anyone you’ve recorded
•    share images with the authorities, e.g. the police, if they ask for them
•    keep images only as long as your business needs them
Contact us today to see how CCTV can make your business premises a safer place.



Nowadays, we're all connected, and while more and more technologies are going wireless, there are still plenty of cables to go around. And with so many cables and cords connecting to so many different devices, it doesn't take long before you're being consumed in a sea of tangle wires.
Gsatv Ltd has solutions that will take care of all of your cable management needs. So whether you're outfitting the home, office, or industrial facility, we are sure you'll find a solution that fits your application, cable trays for routing bundles overhead and under-floor, from heat shrink for sealing and termination, to just about every kind of tie, wrap, clip, clamp, fastener, and winder you can imagine wrapping around your cables, or wrapping your cables around.



TV Aerials and Satellite dishes When scaffold is erected and netting installed, satellite signal gets blocked.
What we do?
- Relocate affected TV Aerials and Satellite dishes on the scaffold
- Move back TV Aerials and Satellite dishes when and along scaffold is taken down
- Repair any damage wiring
- Install NEW TV or Satellite dishes where the old ones cannot be recovered
- Install Shared and individual TV Aerials and Satellite dishes on non-accessible places

Scaffold Alarm
Protect property, tools and more with scaffold alarm from Gsatv Ltd.

Why Choose Gsatv?
- We are local
- We are quick and same day service
- We do quality work
- We work outside working hours


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