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Fiber and Ethernet solutions in LondonFiber & Ethernet solutions are increasing in popularity as they offer businesses many benefits, including cost savings, scalability and network diversity.


At Gsatv, through our sophisticated Fiber and Ethernet mapping tools, we can look at a specific region or building and determine the providers in that area.


This ensures you make the right choice for your needs and budget.  It saves you the time, the money and the hassle of doing the search yourself or coordinating with carriers.


  • Internetworking routing with different routing polices regarding to customer needs. 
  • High level of reliability of corporate Internet.
  • Multiservice routing and policing based on customer needs and Fast customer support by Gsatv.
  • WEB based traffic monitoring system, for main QoS parameters of the service.
  • End to end customer network solution with implementation and management of CPE’s.
  • Backup and redundancy with usage of dynamic routing protocols.
  • MPLS and VPLS services and multi network and application provisioning for customer needs.
  • Special route policing and prioritization for critical applications.

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