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Satellite TV

Astra II- Hotbird - Astra I - Arabsat- Nilesat- Eutelsat 16A- Hispasat - Hellasat 

From UK


Sky Digital - Astra II - 28*E - Zone 1 dish

  1. Sky Q installs 
  2. Pre- Q Installs
  3. Freesat( All basic UK channels via Satellite Astra II, for FREE) 

Hotbird- 13*E - International Channels- Spanish; Italian, French, Arabic and more.- 80cm dish

Arabsat- 26*E - mostly Arabic - 80cm dish

Nilesat - 7*W - mostly Arabic - 1.2m and more.

Eutelsat- 16*E- Chroatian- Albanian - Italian- French- 80cm dish

Hispasat- 30*W- Latin- Portoguese- Spanish- 60cm dish

Hellasat- 39*E - Bulgarian- Greek - 70cm dish

Please note:

  • Small satellite antennas are normally used to receive strong satellite signal.
  • Zone 1 dish is widely used in UK for receiving signals for Sky Digital and Freesat from AstraII- 28E satellite.
  • LNB (front part of the dish) can be : 1,2,4,8 outputs.
  • Standard satellite receiver used min 1 feed compared to recordable satellite receiver which use 2.
  • Therefore if you using SKY+HD box you will need 2 feets to be able to gain full capacity of the box. You still can use sky+box on one feed but the recording section will be restricted. In other words while you recording you will be able to watch only what you have previously recoreded,but no other live TV channal.
  • SKY Q requires LNB Change  to Wideband LNB , only main satellite box has tuners, mini boxes DO NOT REQIRE SATELLITE SIGNAL.


TV Aerial

Crystal Palace Transmitting Station (Horizontal Polarization) - Hemel Hempstead Transmitter( Vertical Polarisation) 

Fracarro LP 45 F 
• 11.0dB Max Gain
• Front to Back Ratio 36dB
• Beamwidth +/- 28 degrees 
- 14.9dBi Gain - 26dB  
- F/B ratio




Internet TV - NO DISH 


TV from around the World.

Please contact us , and we will schedule time to dicuss options and offers. 

To watch , you will need IPTV box or a Smart TV, no need of Satellite dish or cable . 1000 of channels in your hands. 

IPTV box






Smart Technologies for Estate Agents, Private Landlords, AirBNB Providers and Others.   

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Telephone Support

Technical Support Line - 09131 200 052

( £2 per minute apply on all phone calls)

Any questions in relation with :

1. TV 

2. Wifi (connectivity issues)  

3. Satellite( Sky Q, Freesat)

4. Door Entry


6. Audio