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Door Entry Systems

There are different kinds of door entry systems. Most basic one is single entry point to single inner location and more advanced ones intercom systems are complex biometric systems such as voice to text machines. Nowdays ,a wide variety of security systems can be purchased, with great selection of features and levels of access. Keypad entry systems, for instance, allow access via the input of a unique code phrase or combination of numbers and characters into a keypad.


Video Entry Systems

Advance versions have a built in video camera which allows person from inside to see who is on the front entry point. Systems as these are known as video entry systems,there are preferable version and more convenient especially when there is no CCTV system in operation.

We reccomend BPT

Vandal resistant front panle , superb picture, faultless system. 

Perla colour hands free monitor, with intercome options. 



Comelit is our seccond choice, but also superb quality and great overall system.

Vandal resistant front panel with flash or surface installation option. 

Comelit handsfree monitor with wifi connection and mobile phones nottifications. 



Our last but not least solluton is budget systems from Smartwares, mid- range quality system, great picture and functionalities, better design on latest models. 



Smart Technologies for Estate Agents, Private Landlords, AirBNB Providers and Others.   

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